[tutorial] How To Make A Iron Golem Farm 1.2.3


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[tutorial] How To Make A Iron Golem Farm 1.2.3

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Ive ratio 8+ golems hour Heres link vid building trap/spawner talks golems spawn.

[tutorial] How To Make A Iron Golem Farm 1.2.3

How to make an iron golem in minecraft hd pc - you., How to make an iron golem in minecraft hd pc and xbox - [update 1.7.4 xbox ps3] links subscribe http://tinyurl.com/cheesoidski share. Automatische eisen-farm (golem-farm) 1.2.3 minecraft - you., Ihr braucht natürlich die version 1.2 von minecraft oder den dazugehörigen snapshot ;-) ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen :-) http://www.lpmitkev.de. Strav's blog, Cheat sheet for 18 villager trades tutorials / iron golem farming infinite village breeder what's the fastest way to find melons? ultimate guide to reliable dropper.

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